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News articles
Iraqi soldier tells of desertion as militants attacked refinery: ‘Our officers sold us out’, The Washington Post
Amidst turmoil, Iraq’s Kurdish region is laying foundation for independent state, The Washington Post
Next door to Syria, al-Qaeda-linked group gaining ground in Iraq, The Washington Post
Iraq’s Kurdish region pursues ties with Turkey, The Washington Post
In Iraq, security crisis deepens, The Washington Post
Amid rising tension, Kurdish brigade soldiers stop taking orders from Baghdad, The Washington Post
Iraq’s Shiite prime minister seeks alliances with Sunnis, The Washington Post
In Iraq, Exxon oil deal foments talk of civil war, The Washington Post
Turkey Weighs Pivotal Oil Deal with Iraqi Kurdistan, The Washington Post
As Iraqi Oil Industry Booms, Power, Profit and Problems, The Washington Post
Iraqi Leaders Criticize Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki After Arrest of Top Elections Official, The Washington Post
Iraqi Prime Minister Accused of Plot to Frame Opposition Leader as Terrorist, The Atlantic
The Secret History of the Shell Gas Deal, Iraq Oil Report

Television and radio appearances
Targeting ISIS’s black-market oil trade, The New York Times video
More airstrikes on Islamic State, Business Matters, BBC World Service
ISIS militants in Iraq, The Colbert Report
Iraq falls apart, The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC/NPR
Iraq’s biggest oil refinery, To the Point with Warren Olney, KCRW/NPR
The emergency in Iraq rocks Washington, To the Point with Warren Olney, KCRW/NPR
The geopolitics of oil and gas (video), Al-Jazeera English
In a changing Middle East, should the U.S. support Kurdish independence?, Rudaw TV
Turkey’s energy deal with Iraqi Kurdistan (video), Al-Jazeera English
Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Maliki in Washington (audio), To the Point with Warren Olney, KCRW/NPR

Backfire in Baghdad, Foreign Policy
Baghdad’s Potemkin Village, Foreign Policy
Crude Awakening, Foreign Policy
Nouri al-Maliki: The Man Who Would Be King, Foreign Policy
Baghdad’s Day of Rage, The Atlantic
Hamdia’s Research: Celebrating International Women’s Day in Baghdad, Killing the Buddha
How Rand Paul Became the Tea Party’s Obama, Salon
The Songs of War, Killing the Buddha